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the first steps are always the hardest.

A high school senior decides one day in her math class that she just doesn’t have enough things to do. Even though she has scholarships and papers due, two months of school still left, graduation parties to plan, summer jobs and internships to be found, some how she wants to do more. Like, say, talk about her beloved Indians whenever she wants, even if people will listen or not. So, what does she do?

She gets an MLBlog! Duh! Logical!

My name is Jessica, and in the fall I will attend Bowling Green State University to major in Sports Communication. I aspire to become the slightly less Bruce Springsteen obsessed female version of Anthony Castrovince.

But, right now, I’m stuck in a little redneck Ohio town, where I can only talk about the Indians as much as I want to myself or to my doggy Buddy. I get about the same response from each. So I decided to get this little blog so I can talk to some other people and hear what they have to say, or just talk to myself still, only electronically. And where I can read back what I’ve said so I can argue with myself. I should probably be medicated.

Anyways, my heart, along with all my hopes and dreams, was in Texas yesterday with the season opener.


I rushed home and turned on my TV without about a minute to spare to watch a certain Clifton Phifer breeze through the first inning. I was happy. Then, in the second inning, someone else showed up.

road runner

And that was the end of that.

Of course, Cliff did get popped on his pitching arm with a hard grounder. Although there was a huge bump on his arm I could literally look out of my window and see from Texas, Cliff said that it did not affect the way he pitched. Reason one why I heart Cliff: He doesn’t make excuses for himself. He could have taken the boo boo and turned it into the reason why that start got out of hand, but he plainly said he just didn’t have it yesterday. =] Mature!Cliff! yay. His velocity was not affected; he was just high in the zone. Most of those big Texas hits were up in that area.

I know a lot of Cleveland fans are pressing the panic button, because the starting rotation is shaky at best this year. When our ace goes out and gets knocked around for ten hits and seven runs, what do you have to look forward to following him? Fausto, after serving his leftover suspension day, is looking for a spring back year; Pavano, who has pitched 45 and 2/3 innings over the last injury-sprinkled three years; elfish looking Scott Lewis, still a youngster with a lot to prove; and Reyes, who also has had some injury issues dealing with his elbow. That’s a little depressing, even for an Indians fan.

But I’m not worried about Cliff. He didn’t have that great of a spring, and he spent the spring of 2008 fighting to be the fifth starter. Give him another start and he should be back to his old, intimidating self. Reason two why I heart Cliff: he scares the crap out of me. If he’s still shaky after his third start, then you can start pressing that big red panic button.

Moving on to another man who scares me: the Pronkster. WHY is he batting cleanup?

Note to Eric Wedge:
Your lineup makes me angry.

grrr face

Pronk down, Jhonny up. Grrr.

Did the man not just come back from surgery? Did he not miss half of last season, and even wasn’t himself way back in ’07? His timing is terrible. Can’t we ease him back into the swing of things (pun intended) by putting him lower in the lineup instead of putting pressure on him early? I thought Jhonny proved himself last year in the fourth spot. Sure he was inconsistent at times, but wasn’t last year just one big inconsistent mess? When T Haf gets better, put him back in cleanup, or leave it as is. Your telling me that with those 80 billion lineups Wedgie pulled out of the air he can’t change it around this year? A consistent lineup is ideal, but you have to adjust to the situation.

But, it is a new season. Crazy things will happen.

crazy girl

Raise your hand if you’re going to the home opener!

monkey hand raised

I’ll be the girl in the snowsuit. =] Whoever made Ohio weather sucks.